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Part One: Reporting on Sexual Misconduct

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, both journalists and news organizations have come under fire for sexual misconduct in the newsroom. A journalist’s job is to uncover the truth and sometimes that means doing so in their own workplace.

But what qualifies as sexual misconduct? Who do you turn to to report harassment? Are there new policies in the workplace in light of the movement?

Speakers: femifesto’s Shannon Giannitsopoulou, educator Jodie Layne, journalist Shaheen Pasha, freelance writer Toula Drimonis and more.

Part Two: Sexual Misconduct in the Newsroom

Reporting on sexual misconduct can be akin to navigating a minefield. How do you maintain transparency? Is it your job to report on the accusation without bias or to stand by the accuser? How do you work with the victims?

Speakers: Marie-Danielle Smith (National Post), Katie Summers (90.3 Amp Radio) and more.


April 10, 2018: Reporting on Sexual Misconduct 

Location: The International Room at the International Living and Learning Centre – 240 Jarvis Street, Toronto, ON

Two back to back sessions. Day one will serve as a workshop for journalists who are seeking expertise on how to report on sexual violence in the media.

Session 1 – femifesto: 6:00 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.

femifesto is a Toronto-based, feminist organization that works to shift rape culture to consent culture. Their main project has been creating Use the Right Words: Media Reporting on Sexual Violence in Canada  a free guide for journalists when reporting on sexual violence.

Session 2 – Cyber security: 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Cyber security: Protecting the privacy and identity of a source is paramount to any reporter covering a sensitive topic, but that’s becoming increasingly difficult in the age of information. This workshop will cover the different tools journalists can use online to keep their sources’ information secure and confidential.


April 11, 2018: Sexual Misconduct in the Newsroom

Location: The Tecumseh Auditorium at the Ryerson Student Centre – 55 Gould Street, Toronto, ON

Day two will consist of a panel led by female journalists who will share their experiences with sexual harassment in a newsroom setting, and how they combatted that type of behaviour. Our panel will be followed by a round table, led by the same group of women who will speak to audience in smaller groups on the same subject matter.

Session: 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

April 12, 2018: RRJ Magazine Launch Party

Location: Stirling Room, Distillery District, 16 Trinity Street, Toronto, ON

Join the RRJ for the launch of the Spring 2018 edition of their magazine.

7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.


Matthew Braga

Matthew Braga

Senior Reporter, CBC News

Matthew Braga is a senior reporter for CBC News, where he covers technology for online, radio and TV. He’s written about the data collection practices of smart cities, the use of internet filtering technology to stifle free expression, police and government surveillance programs, and the push for fairness and transparency in algorithmic decision making and the ethical use of AI. He was previously the Canadian editor of Motherboard, and a reporter for the Financial Post.


Shannon Giannitsopoulou

Shannon Giannitsopoulou

Activist and Co-founder, femifesto

Shannon Giannitsopoulou is an intersectional feminist and activist, specializing in public relations, communications and project management within an anti-oppression framework. Shannon is a co-founder of femifesto and contributing writer of Use the Right Words: Media Reporting on Sexual Violence in Canada.

Shaheen Pasha

Shaheen Pasha

Educator and Journalist

Shaheen Pasha is an educator and journalist who has worked at CNNMoney.com as a banking and legal reporter, covering the Supreme Court and the Enron trial. Pasha was also a reporter at Dow Jones Newswires, where she had a daily column in the Wall Street Journal. Her areas of focus include international journalism, Islam and religion, business reporting, and mass incarceration issues.


Marie-Danielle Smith

Marie-Danielle Smith

Politics Reporter, National Post

Marie-Danielle Smith whose work revolved predominantly around Parliament Hill. A recent feature of hers outlined her experiences with sexual harassment on The Hill, and how she dealt with the growing problem among female journalists.


Toula Drimonis

Toula Drimonis

Freelance Writer and Editor

Toula Drimonis is a freelance writer and editor based in Montreal. A former News Director and long-time columnist for TC Media, she is a frequent contributor to CJAD, Montreal’s top-rated English radio station, co-hosting routinely on The Exchange, appearing weekly on the Feminist 2.0 Panel, and regularly invited on North American live-stream panel debates to discuss feminism and women’s issues.


Jodie Layne

Jodie Layne

Sex Educator and Writer

Jodie Layne is a sex educator by day and a writer also by day. Her hobbies include re-considering an educational career and creating a B.A. in Kanye Studies, wishing there was a ShondaCon, trying to make the perfect “Meg Ryan Rom Com Feels” playlist, and preparing the imminent arrival of her certain anxiety-fueled demise.


Ann Rauhala

Ann Rauhala

Teaching Chair, Faculty of Communication and Design

Formerly Associate Chair of the Ryerson School of Journalism, Ann Rauhala is currently Teaching Chair for the Faculty of Communication and Design. In fall of 2016,  she returned from sabbatical during which, in partnership with Journalists for Human Rights, she taught writing, reporting and editing to students at Tumaini University in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

A Ryerson Journalism graduate herself, Ann spent 16 years at The Globe and Mail, where she worked as a copy editor, assignment editor, beat reporter, foreign editor and featured columnist.


Katie Summers

Katie Summers

Radio Host, AMP Calgary Radio

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